MD & PA Director Positions Available

The Mason-Dixon Trail System is in need of a Maryland and a Pennsylvania State Director. These are volunteer positions that are filled by people who wish to contribute to our hiking organization and their local hiking community. Here are the job descriptions for these volunteer positions:

1) Coordinates with the appropriate state and local government agencies, 2) Coordinates with appropriate non-profit organizations, 3) Interfaces with property owners, 4) Reports issues to the board, and 5) Attends quarterly meetings.

This position involves interfacing with the above parties in order to either maintain or enhance the location of the Mason-Dixon Trail or possibly move the M-DT to more favorable locations. Being a Mason-Dixon Trail member is a plus. Being a resident of the state of Maryland or Pennsylvania is a plus. Experience in dealing with local and state government is a plus. Being available for various meetings either during business hours or at night is a plus. The areas that would be covered presently include Harford and Cecil Counties in Maryland or York and Cumberland counties in Pennsylvania. If you would like to apply for one of these volunteer positions, please Click Here to contact us.