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Current Trail Status & Closures

Last Updated 5-20-2019

The following information represents the current trail status along the Mason-Dixon Trail as reported by users and posted by our maintainers. The reference mile markers given are from the M-DT 2020 Map Set: 

Map 1- Appalachian Trail at Whiskey Spring, PA to Pinchot State Park, PA. 


No Issues or Closures Reported

Map 2- Pinchot Park at Squire Gratz Road, PA to Wago Junction at the Susquehanna River, PA.


Reroutes & Closures

  • Susquehanna Trail misidentified: PA-295 should be PA-297

Map 3- Wago Junction at the Susquehanna River, PA to Trinity Church Road South of Wrightsville, PA.

Issue Date 4-7-2018

Location:M-DT open to hikers around the gate at Grace Plateau just West of Highpoint Scenic Vista.

Comments: We’ve recently have had a couple hikers concerned about some owner placed signage at our trail location near Highpoint Scenic Vista and Grace Plateau on Map 3. There is a gate that you need to walk around but we do have permission from the new land owners to be here. You will see a sign on the gate asking all visitors to buzz in, but this is not meant for hikers. You will notice a sign that says there is video surveillance and other no trespassing signs that can be a little intimidating. As long as you are hiking through and staying on the trail you are permitted to do so. Please do not buzz in because staff working at the facility may not even know about the trail and we do not want to become a nuisance. Our blazes are very easily seen and you will see the post indicating the wishes of the property owner where you divert from and onto their private drive.

Map 4- Trinity Church Road South of Wrightsville, PA to Otter Creek Campground, PA.

Issue Date: 09-25-2018
Location: The M-DT along Otter Creek between Kline Rd & Otter Creek Campground has difficult footing in spots.
Comments:The M-DT is open between Kline Road and Otter Creek Campground but the trail along Otter Creek has been damaged by washouts, downed trees and flood debris. The footing will be more difficult in these areas because of sand washed onto the trail or bare rocks where the trail bed was washed away.
Submitted by: MDTS President

Map 5- Otter Creek Campground, PA to PA - MD State Line 

Issue Date: 09-29-2015
Location: Annual Trail Closure and Detour between SGL83 and Bare RD, PA
Comments: The Mason-Dixon Trail along the power line right-of-way from PA State Game Lands 83 boundary to Bare Road (Map 5) will be closed due to hunting from October 1 to January 31, annually. The recommended rerouting for that period of time is to follow PA425 to Indian Steps Rd, follow Indian Steps Rd to PA425 and then to Newcut Rd.

Click/Tap Here for a map of the temporary re-route.
Submitted by: MDTS President
Submit Date: 09-09-2018

Issue Date: 06-08-2016
Location: MUST Call Peach Bottom Nuclear Power Plant Security before hiking the M-DT between Lay & Burk Roads
Comments: ...before you will be hiking the M-DT between Lay RD and Burk RD near the Peach Bottom Nuclear Power Plant, Delta, PA. The phone number is 717-456-4212. Also have a picture ID ready to show if you are approached by guards. If you do not call in advance of hiking in this area and/or have a photo ID you may be subject to detainment and/or arrest for trespassing.
Submitted by: MBC
Submit Date: 06-09-2016

Map 6- PA - MD State Line to Quarry Road North of Havre de Grace, MD. 


Issue Date: 05-20-2019
Location: Glen Cove Marina footbridge has been re-built and is now open.
Comments: The footbridge has been re-built and is now open. No more detour.

Submitted by: Webmaster

Issue Date: 08-21-2022

Location: Fisherman's Park below Conowingo Dam NOW OPEN.

Comments: The section of the Mason-Dixon Trail from the Conowingo Dam to Susquehanna State Park in Maryland is now OPEN.

Submitted by TLS

Issue Date: 04-19-2021

Location: M-DT rerouted between Lapidum Rd to Graceview Dr near Vulcan Quarry.

Comments:  The road walk from the bridge over I-95 on Lapidum Rd then along MD-155 has been replaced with a  1.1 mi walk in the woods, a short stretch on MD-155 and then around the Havre de Grace Ambulance Corp and through a development to Graceview Dr.

Click/Tap Here for map and description of affected area

Submitted by TLS

Map 7- Havre de Grace, MD to North East, MD

Issue Date: 7-19-2021
Location: M-DT is now OPEN through Perryville Veterans Administration Medical Center.
The M-DT route through Perry Point VA shown on the 2020 maps is now OPEN. all the way to Perry Point Park

Submitted by: TLS  7/19/2021

Issue Date: 1-1-2021
Location: M-DT rerouted along Razor Strap Road between Red Toad and US Rt. 40.
Comments: The bridge over Stony Run has been rebuilt and Wells Camp Road has been removed.  From the west, follow Razor Strap Road to US Rt. 40 and carefully cross the highway.  From the east, Carefully cross US Rt. 40 and turn onto Razor Strap Road.  Follow the road to Red Toad Road and turn right.

Click/Tap Here for map and description of affected area

Submitted by: TLS  3/15/2021

Map 8- North East, MD to Pleasant Valley Road, DE 

 No Issues Reported

Map 9- Pleasant Valley Road, DE to White Clay Creek Preserve at London Tract Road, DE. 


Issue Date: 12-15-2016
Location: Annual Trail Closure within White Clay Creek State Park, DE
Comments: Within White Clay Creek State Park, DE the following trails will be closed during the November 11-19, December 15-17, and January 14-21 shotgun deer hunting seasons: Mason-Dixon Trail between Creek Road and Wells Field, Mason-Dixon Trail between the intersection of Wedgewood Road / Creek Road and Wells Field.

Click/Tap Here for a map of the affected area.
Submitted by: MBC
Submit Date: 12-15-2016

Map 10- White Clay Creek Preserve at London Tract Road, DE to Chadds Ford, PA. 


Issue Date: 2020 Onward

Location: M-DT detoured onto roads around State Line Woods.

Comments: The Mason-Dixon Trail is currently re-routed around the Stateline Woods Preserve (SWP). The previous connection between Auburn Valley State Park in Delaware and Stateline Woods in Pennsylvania was on private land that was posted "no trespassing" recently. In response, the trail had to be re-routed along roads around Stateline Woods. (It does, however, now pass a craft brewery!) We are hopeful that future public/preserved land acquisitions in the area will allow a new connection between Auburn Valley State Park and Stateline Woods in the next few years. For the time being, the Mason-Dixon Trail is detoured on the blue route above from the Paper Mill Parking Lot on Benge Road to the intersection of 9 Gates Rd and Fassett Dr.

Click/Tap Here for a map of the detour

Submitted by; TLS, 5/31/2021

Issue Date: 10-30-2016
Location: Annual Trail Closure Along Cossart RD, PA during December and January
Comments: On Map 10 at miles 14.3 W->E or 0.2 E->W please stay on Fairville RD between the M-DT eastern terminus and PA52 during December and January annually due to hunting.

Click/Tap Here for a map of this affected area.
Submitted by: MBC
Submit Date: 10-31-2016

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