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Current Trail Status & Closures
Last Updated 3-20-2024

The following information represents the current trail status along the Mason-Dixon Trail as reported by users and posted by our maintainers. The reference mile markers given are from the M-DT 2020 Map Set: 

Map 1- Appalachian Trail at Whiskey Spring, PA to Pinchot State Park, PA. 

No Issues or Closures Reported


Map 2- Pinchot Park at Squire Gratz Road, PA to Wago Junction at the Susquehanna River, PA.

  • Susquehanna Trail misidentified: PA-295 should be PA-297

Click/Tap Here for a Map 2 re-routes and closures.


Map 3- Wago Junction at the Susquehanna River, PA to Trinity Church Road South of Wrightsville.


  • M-DT reroute through Hellam Hills adds 3.5 mi and viewpoints.

  • M-DT open to hikers around the gate at Grace Plateau just West of Highpoint Scenic Vista.

Click/Tap Here for a Map 3 re-routes and closures.

Map 4- Trinity Church Road South of Wrightsville, PA to Otter Creek Campground, PA.

  • The M-DT along Otter Creek between Kline Rd & Otter Creek Campground has difficult footing in spots


Click/Tap Here for a Map 4 re-routes and closures.

Map 5- Otter Creek Campground, PA to PA - MD State Line 


  • Annual Trail Closure and Detour between SGL83 and Bare RD, PA

  • MUST Call Peach Bottom Nuclear Power Plant Security before hiking the M-DT between Lay & Burk Roads

Click/Tap Here for a Map 5 re-routes and closures.

Map 6- PA - MD State Line to Quarry Road North of Havre de Grace, MD. 

  • Glen Cove Marina footbridge has been re-built and is now open.

  • Fisherman's Park below Conowingo Dam NOW OPEN.

  • M-DT rerouted between Lapidum Rd to Graceview Dr near Vulcan Quarry.

Click/Tap Here for Map 6 re-routes and closures.


Map 7- Havre de Grace, MD to North East, MD

  • M-DT is now OPEN through Perryville Veterans Administration Medical Center.

  • M-DT rerouted along Razor Strap Road between Red Toad and US Rt. 40.

Click/Tap Here for Map 7 re-routes and closures.

Map 8- North East, MD to Pleasant Valley Road, DE 

  • M-DT section is CLOSED along the power line clearance between Rosetree Lane (just east of the Delaware-Maryland State Line east of Elkton, Maryland) and Pleasant Valley Road (southwest of Newark, Delaware). A preliminary new re-route has been mapped that follows area streets

Click/Tap Here for Map 8 re-routes and closures.

Map 9- Pleasant Valley Road, DE to White Clay Creek Preserve at London Tract Road, DE. 

  • Annual Trail Closure within White Clay Creek State Park, DE for hunting season.

Click/Tap Here for a Map 9 re-routes and closures.

Map 10- White Clay Creek Preserve at London Tract Road, DE to Chadds Ford, PA. 

  •  M-DT detoured onto roads around State Line Woods.

  •  Annual Trail Closure Along Cossart RD, PA during December and January

Click/Tap Here for a Map 10 re-routes and closures.

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