Eastern Terminus Relocated

On Tuesday, November 14, 2017 Chester County Trail Club member Don Barber, Wilmington Trail Club member Gary Kirk, Brandywine Conservancy & Museum of Art Preserve Manager Kevin Fryberger and Mason-Dixon Trail member Mike Calabrese got the permission agreement signed and moved the easternmost .2 miles of the M-DT from Fairville RD to Conservancy land between the railroad tracks on Fairville RD and US 1 just south of Fairville RD. We are again sharing this stretch with the Brandywine Trail. At right are pics of the new eastern terminus. We moved the eastern terminus sign, blacked out all the old blazes on Fairville RD and placed blue M-DT blazes below the white Brandywine Trail blazes on the posts, trees and fences on the new stretch.

A few trivia bits about the eastern terminus sign. It has the number 87 carved into the back of it. That was probably the year that Louise Sis and her husband Rick made these signs and placed them at the then M-DT termini at Whiskey Springs and Ludwig's Corner, PA. These signs are made of salt treated wood and have held up well. We also found a fake wood dymo label on the back of this sign dated 3-20-2002. That may have been when Rick Maerker moved the sign to Fairville RD but it seems a bit late in time. Anyone have any other explanation? The sign made the move OK. However, one of the bolts on the sign rusted through and needs to be replaced. It was a great day to work on the trail. .2 miles of the M-DT were taken off of roads today. About 65 more to go.