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The Mason-Dixon Trail System

The Mason-Dixon Trail connects the Appalachian Trail with the Brandywine Trail.  This 200 mile long trail starts at Whiskey Springs on the Appalachian Trail, in Cumberland County, PA and heads east towards the Susquehanna River, passing through Gifford Pinchot State Park en route. The trail then follows the west bank of the Susquehanna River south to Havre de Grace, MD. Across the river, the M-DT continues east, passes through Elk Neck State Forest, then on to Iron Hill Park, DE, north along the Christina River and White Clay Creek to the White Clay Creek Preserve. The trail then heads northeast to its eastern terminus at Chadds Ford, PA on the banks of the Brandywine River. 

Gifford Pinchot State Park, York County, PA -  Photo Courtesy of John Beatty

What's happening around the trail...

Peach Bottom Power Station, Southern York County, PA  -  Photo Courtesy of John Beatty

Our blazes are Sky Blue and can be easily spotted from a distance. Depending on the location, you may see them as plastic blazes or round emblems.

Because we are a system of trails, we often share our path with another trail belonging to a local, county or state park. This means that you may see another color next to ours, such as Red in the Broad Creek area of Maryland. In other places our trail passes through State Game Lands or private property. We appreciate that hikers who visit our trail system have a passion to help us keep the trails beautiful and litter-free.

Otter Creek, Southern York County, PA -  Photo Courtesy of John Beatty

When you become a member, you are provided a set of

10 highly detailed contour maps in a water-proof pouch. There are also some locations where you can purchase our maps, or you can buy them from us online. We also provide free updates and changes to our maps which are available here on this website.

Mill Creek Falls, Lock 12, Southern York County, PA -  Photo Courtesy of John Beatty

The members of the Mason-Dixon Trail System, Inc. hope that you enjoy your hikes on the trail.  Volunteers from several states have constructed and are maintaining it.  Our organization is aging and needs to mentor a new generation to run the organization.  Unless we get some new active members we are in danger of losing the trail.  Please consider helping.  We need officers in the organization as well as trail maintainers. We meet four times a year at the convenience of the officers. If you'd like to participate in any capacity please get in touch!

Susquehanna State Park, Harford County, MD -  Photo Courtesy of John Beatty

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