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Hunting Season Information

Since the Mason-Dixon Trail traverses numerous game lands, state parks, forests and preserves it is highly recommended that hikers wear blaze orange outerwear if they want to hike during hunting season. This attire can consist of a vest, a jacket, a shirt, pants/shorts, a hat and/or covering for one's day pack or backpack. If you are hiking with a dog make sure that the canine is outfitted with a blaze orange vest. These items are available online, at various outfitters, pet stores or where construction supplies are sold or rented. 

Hunting seasons in DE, MD and PA vary. So, to be safe, it is best to wear blaze orange on the M-DT between the beginning of July of a given year until the end of May of the following year. Hunters generally know where the hiking trails are and are aware of hikers. They use hiking trails like the M-DT to get to where the game is. If you meet a hunter on the trail they are usually very friendly and will, in most cases, thank you for wearing blaze orange. So please wear blaze orange on the Mason-Dixon Trail so you can be seen and be safe. 

The following links contain the dates of hunting seasons along the M-DT:

Delaware Hunting Regulations and Season Dates 

Maryland Hunting Seasons Calendar 

Pennsylvania Hunting Season Dates 

7-1-2017 through 6-30-2018 PA Hunting & Trapping Digest

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