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Our club relies 100% on grants and donations from people like yourself. By becoming a member, your donation will be used to continue our efforts in maintaining and preserving 200 miles of connected trails. Every single dollar goes to help us purchase new tools, paint and other blazing materials, bridge building and repairing materials and much more. Money alone doesn't keep our trails passable, we need people like you to donate your time as well. Visit our Trail Maintainer page to learn more about how you can donate your time.

Please note that starting in 2017 PayPal will ask if you want to provide your name and address when making a charitable donation. Since we need a name and address to send a new member a map as well as applying your contribution towards our $250 lifetime membership, we ask that you please opt into giving your name and address when donating. Thanks. 

You can also join the M-DTS by sending an Application Form along with your payment to our Treasurer, whose address is on the form.

If you have any questions about your membership status or your donation you may send an email to Our Treasurer

Select the appropriate "Donate" button below to become a member or re-new. You will be asked for your information so that we can send you your maps and information.


New Membership: $24.00

you can join the Mason-Dixon Trail System and get a M-DT car decal and our water resistant map set.

Annual Re-newal: $7.00

Each year, you will be asked for this amount to remain as a member of the club.  If this includes a change of address, click on "Write a note" and enter Change.  Also check the "Share your mailing address..." box before clicking "Donate Now."  If you wish to renew at a higher level use "Donate Any Amount" below. 

Club Membership: $25.00

If you are representing another club or organization and would like to support our club. We ask for your support by donating $25.00 each year to our club.

Lifetime Membership: $250.00

You can become a lifetime member by donating this one-time amount to the club.


New Membership




Annual Renewal

Lifetime Membership

For Organizations

Donate Any Amount:
Interested in renewing at a higher level or simply donating to our club to show support?

Click the button below, then enter the dollar amount and click "Donate." 


Donate Any Amount

Interested in simply donating to our club to show support?

Click Here to purchase our most current edition set of 10 maps.

For bulk map purchase prices, please contact Our Treasurer.  Additional shipping costs as well as quantity discounts will apply to bulk purchases. 

The following geo-referenced M-DT Maps for your smart phone are now available: 

Georeferenced Mason-Dixon Trail Map 4

S of Wrightsville, PA to Otter Creek Campground, PA 

Georeferenced Mason Dixon Trail Map 5

Otter Creek Campground, PA to PA/MD State Line