Second Section Map Digitized

Back in early 2016 the Mason-Dixon Trail System entered into a partnership with Avenza is a company that specializes in providing maps for smart phones by way of their free apps for iOS, Android and Windows based phones. They have over a half million maps available from various publishers that they partner with. Some of their outdoor related partners include the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference, National Geographic, National Park Service, U.S. Forest Service and many other entities. Some of these maps are free and some can be purchased. We initially experimented with offering free georeferenced versions of existing maps. Then we published a few free maps that were created to be georeferenced. We published our first of 10 digital pay map: Map 4- S of Wrightsville, PA to Otter Creek Campground, PA in May, 2017. As of November, 2017 we are now pleased to announce that we have just published our second digital pay map: Map 5- Otter Creek Campground, PA to the PA/MD State Line The proceeds from the sale of this and future digital maps will help the non-profit Mason-Dixon Trail System to continue to be able to maintain and improve the 200 mile Mason-Dixon Trail. So if you are interested in seeing the selection of M-DT maps currently available on, simply click on the icon below and use the vendor search term "The Mason-Dixon Trail System, Inc".