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Potential Trail Relocations

As of 4-23-2022 the following are possible future relocations along the Mason-Dixon Trail: 

Map 1- Appalachian Trail at Whiskey Spring, PA to Pinchot State Park, PA. 


Miles 0.00-5.2 W->E

Considering rerouting about 5 miles of the M-DT from Hickory Road through Tuckahoe Scout Camp and SGL 305 west of Dillsburg, PA. This is a long term project to relocate the western terminus of the M-DT off of roads. Approval would be required from the Boy Scouts, the Game Commission, some private property owners and 2 other government entities in order to make this a reality. 

Map 3 - Wago Junction at the Susquehanna River, PA to Trinity Church Road South of Wrightsville, PA 


Miles 6.7-9.4 W->E

We are working with the Lancaster Conservancy about a multi-phase rerouting of the M-DT within the Hellam Hills Nature Preserve land north of Wrightsville, PA.

Map 4- Trinity Church Road South of Wrightsville, PA to Otter Creek Campground, PA.


7.9-8.0 W->E


Jim Hooper wants to straighten out a short section of trail just west of Greenbranch RD south of Wrightsville, PA.

Map 5- Otter Creek Campground, PA to PA - MD State Line 


2.4-5.0 W->E

We are in discussions with Lancaster Conservancy, the PA Game Commission and State Parks about rerouting a section of the M-DT through portions of land between Oakland Run and Indian Steps Road east of Airville, PA.

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