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Digital Maps For Download



Here you can download official Geo-Referenced Maps of the Mason-Dixon Trail. Each map only costs $1.99 to download. Proceeds from the sales of these digital maps goes towards maintaining and improving the 200 mile Mason-Dixon Trail in PA, MD and DE. Many volunteer hours were dedicated to creating these maps and keeping them up-to-date.

Currently only Maps 4 and 5 are available so far. We will eventually have all maps available digitally, keep checking back for updates. We also have a few short hikes available for download at no cost listed below.

You will need to download the Avenza App for your desktop or mobile device.

Once you have downloaded the app you can download the maps by searching for "Mason-Dixon Trail" in the app or by clicking below to go directly to a map.
You can also go to the Avenza Map store by clicking here.

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