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MDTS Trail Completion Certificates

f you have completed a hike or run of the entire Mason-Dixon Trail, please Contact Us. Regardless of whether you completed the entire 200 mile M-DT all at one time or completing it in section hikes over one or more years, you are entitled to a M-DT Completion Certificate. If available, send us a copy of your trip log, photos or anything else that would help us learn your story. If agreeable, we'd like to share your story in our newsletter.

Also, if you complete what is called the Quadruple Crown, you will also receive a certificate of completion from us. The 'Quad Crown' is a huge 428 mile loop consisting of the 200 mile Mason-Dixon Trail, the 53 mile Brandywine Trail, the 140 mile Horse-Shoe Trail and 35 miles of the Appalachian Trail in PA. 

So if you have completed the M-DT or the 'Quad Crown' by hiking or running, please Contact Us today and share your story!

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