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Also referred to as a Pick Axe, the Mattock is a blunt force tool that can also be used to scoop and move earth and debris. They come in a variety of shapes, this one here with a flat end similar to that of a Grub hoe or the Pulaski. Others can have a more rounded spoon-like shape. The one thing they all have in common is the thick and heavy spiked end. This can be very useful when breaking through layers of shale or other thin rock layers without the fear of 

doing any damage to your tools. It also can be useful when prying up roots and large rocks. Being very similar to the Pulaski, we don't often use this tool as the spiked end may only be useful a few times while a Pulaski can be used in a larger array of situations. Somebody on our work crew usually has one in their vehicle just in case we need to do some digging in some rocky areas.

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