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Loppers are also known as Pruning Shears, but it's much more fun to call them Loppers. Just as the Pulaski is our go-to tool for the ground, the Loppers are the go-to tool for the space above the trail. We usually have several Loppers in hand during our trail-clearing trips. They come in many sizes, we typically like them small because they can fit into our packs. They provide the leverage needed to cut through some of the thickest weeds and many small

tree branches. We also use these to cut through thick roots when digging out a new trail. This is a photo of one of our member's sons helping us clear some trails at Gifford Pinchot State Park. When taught how to responsibly use any of these non-powered tools, your kids can help keep our trails clear and learn to appreciate the outdoors even more.

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