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Perry Point VA OPEN Stateline Woods CLOSED

The M-DT route through Perry Point VA shown on the 2020 maps has been reopened. It may take a while for facilities to remove the closed signs but the VA Police have confirmed the M-DT is now open through to Perry Point Park.

The Mason-Dixon Trail is currently re-routed around the Stateline Woods Preserve (SWP). The previous connection between Auburn Valley State Park in Delaware and Stateline Woods in Pennsylvania was on private land that was posted "no trespassing" recently. In response, the trail had to be re-routed along roads around Stateline Woods. (It does, however, now pass a craft brewery!) We are hopeful that future public/preserved land acquisitions in the area will allow a new connection between Auburn Valley State Park and Stateline Woods in the next few years. For the time being, the Mason-Dixon Trail is detoured on the blue route on this map from the Paper Mill Parking Lot on Benge Road to the intersection of 9 Gates Rd and Fassett Dr.

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