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Trail reopened at Fishermans Park

Mason-Dixon Trail Status During COVID-19 Pandemic

The M-DT runs through Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania. All three of those states have issued State of Emergency Orders because of the COVID-19 Pandemic. All three allow outdoor recreation, including hiking, provided you maintain “Social Distancing”; however, they either require or recommend face masks when you can’t maintain the 6-foot separation between individuals. You might not think that’s a problem in the woods but what do you do when someone comes down the trail from the opposite direction?

You could step 6’ off the trail but considering that it’s peak tick season, it might be safer to wear a face mask and stay on the trail. In lieu of an actual face mask, you could wear a neckerchief or a neck gaiter and pull it up over your mouth and nose if someone approaches you. If you don’t have either of them, you could just hold a handkerchief over your mouth and nose for the short time while you pass the other hiker.

Trail reopened at Fishermans Park

Exelon has reopened the M-DT between Shuresville Rd. and Fishermans Park on Map 6 (W>E 9.9-10.4 mi, E>W 10.2-10.7 mi).

If you encounter any trail closures, please report it on the M-DT website and it will be added to this posting.

In addition to trail closures, some of the parking lots may be closed or have restricted parking. Please report that as well. Do not assume that the trail is open if it’s not reported closed. You may want to hike close to home to avoid the possibility of encountering a closed trail or parking lot after a long drive.

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