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M-DT Challenge Sat Nov 10 (7 miles)

Date: 0800 hrs, November 10, 2018

Event Day Timeline: 0730 hrs Sign-in, 0800 hrs Start Time, 1030 hrs Raffle Drawing, 1130 hrs Finish Line Closes. All times are tentative and subject to change.

Location: Glen Cove Marina 3801 Berkley Rd, Darlington, MD 21034 (39.671804, -76.203290)

Course: 7-miles out-and-back on the Mason-Dixon Trail from Glen Cove Marina (39.671804, -76.203290) to Broad Creek Boat Launch (39.694977, -76.241065). The course will not be marked other than the blue trail blazes that mark the Mason-Dixon Trail. Participants will be required to navigate the course by following trail blazes. Participants need to know the trail blazes symbols for a Left Turn, Right Turn and Straight. The trail will be cleared and well blazed.

Cost: Free, for a donation of $3 you will receive a draw string bag with the event logo printed on it.

Registration: or event day starting at 0730 hrs. Limit 75 participants.

Bathrooms: On site, heated and air conditioned with running hot and cold water.

Notes: The "Challenge" includes the task of following the course blazes and remaining on the Mason-Dixon Trail. This feature makes this event mentally demanding, you must always be watching for blazes to stay on course. If you have not seen a blaze for a few minutes, you may be off course and should backtrack to the last blaze and determine where you went wrong. If you are unsure of yourself, link up with someone who knows the course.

The standard Challenge disclaimer applies:

No Fee, No Frills, No Wimps, No Whining!

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