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Trail Paint Colors

For the 'Sky Blue' M-DTS blazing paint we are currently utilizing an exterior satin latex paint sold by Ace Hardware. Below is a sticker from the last can that we purchased. Click here to download this image and save or print it. If you show it to most Ace Hardware stores, they should be able to computer match it for you.


Here is the information for the yellow paint that we use on the Murphy's Hollow, Eagle Bypass, Urey Overlook and Peavine Island yellow blazed trails. It is called Naples Gold and is an exterior, semi-gloss latex based paint:  The information on this label reads "VR012B, Bonjour - Valspar, ACE Royal 159 Ext Semi Gloss, Ace old 320-330 bases, Midtone Base AXXN-3Y366, I-11, TT-4Y49"

Click here to download this image.

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