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Miscellaneous Information

This page is nothing more than random bits of advice for those planning a long distance hike along the Mason-Dixon Trail. Some of the best information you can get to plan a trip is to ask somebody who has done it already before you.

Duct Tape is your friend

There are many uses for duct tape along the trail. They include: patching your tent so that water and/or bugs can't get in, covering blisters once you have run out of mole skin, insulating the hot metal pieces of a camp coffee pot, adding more padding to your backpack shoulder strap and more. But don't carry an entire roll. Just wrap 3-5 feet of the stuff around either your hiking poles, your water bottle or your fuel bottle. You will save the weight and will be very thankful when you need some of this miracle product. Here are 8 More Ways Duct Tape Could Save You in a Bind

Take care of your Feet

Next to being warm enough and having enough food and water, this is one of the most important aspects of long distance hiking. When buying boots be sure to get them one half to a whole size larger than your normal shoe size. Your feet will swell during a long distance hike. If they have no room to swell you will be more prone to getting blisters. As for the type of boot there are various brands and types of boots. Research and buy what appeals to you. 

If you get blisters, unless you manage them properly, they will end your hike. Wear good quality hiking socks as well as synthetic sock liners. With a sock liner the friction encountered when hiking will be between the sock liner and the sock and not your feet. What if you do get blisters? The moment you feel a 'hot spot', which is a place where a blister is forming, stop immediately and apply some mole skin. This product works best to prevent blisters as well as reduce the discomfort when you get blisters. I have personally found that if a blister appears, it's best to use a sterile pin, knife, nail clipper or even your finger nails to pop the blister and let the fluid drain. Then, apply the mole skin. You can also use duct tape in a pinch. But duct tape tends to shift around while you are hiking. 

Most long distance hikers carry some light weight camp shoes such as Crocs or shower shoes as it is good to get out of your boots and socks at the end of the day to air out your feet. 


This condition can also end your hike early. Chaffing is caused by excessive heat and sweat in the groin area due to hiking. Bacteria results from this combination and, if left untreated, can cause severe irritation in the groin area. Preventative measures include cleaning yourself in that area as often as possible by showering or using an anti-bacterial or alcohol based pre-packaged wipe of some sort. Changing your underwear as often as possible helps. Wearing synthetic underwear helps. Wearing shorts helps keep the temperature down in that area. 


There's a wonderful product called "Body Glide" which you can purchase on Amazon. Or do a search for other anti-chaffing solutions.

Know of any other words of wisdom that would help those planning a long distance hike along the Mason-Dixon Trail? If so, please send that information as well as any corrections or deletions to The Webmaster

If you complete a long distance hike of the Mason-Dixon Trail, please let us know about it. Use our Contact Us form and we'll share it. 

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