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Map #7 (2012 Edition)

Now Open near North East, MD


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New Trail between Perryville and North East, MD New Trail on M-DT Map 7

As of 04-01-2016 The Mason-Dixon Trail is now open between Logistics WA and Forge CT between Perryville and North East, MD (Map 7, miles 7.7-10.7 W->E).

The trail has been extensively re-routed so please follow the blazes through this stretch. Below is the updated hike.

7.6 mi - Turn right on Logistics Way. (Because of extensive development and construction between Belvedere Rd and Red Toad Rd always check Map Updates on before hiking in this area)

7.7 mi - At the end of Logistics way continue straight to the woods and turn left around fenced warehouse area. Then turn right along the edge of the woods above the railroad spur and pick up trail along underground telephone cable Right-of-Way (ROW) at edge of woods on south side of RR spur. 

8.6 mi - Bear to the left at the building site but stay on the ridge above RR tracks. 

9.0 mi - Pass the communications tower, turn left on the road and descend. Turn right at the bottom and follow the wide path in the woods that roughly parallels the RR tracks. 

9.5 mi - Cross stream, turn right into woods. Continue into the open on the heavily used path. 

9.8 mi - Turn right into the woods. The woods becomes overgrown with understory plants. 

9.9 mi - Cross stream. Make sure you are still following the blazes on the other side of the stream. 

10.1 mi - Turn left. In 350 ft, turn right. 

10.2 mi - Turn left and continue along telephone ROW. 

10.6 mi - Reach open area, turn left; follow blazes between two houses in Whitaker Woods development. 


As of 04-13-2016 the M-DT is now open between Forge CT and Cemetery RD in North East, MD (Map 7, miles 10.7-13.9 W->E). The trail in this area is now on completely different roads so again, please follow the blazes and use the following trail description to get through: 

10.7 mi - Turn right on Forge Court; (watch for blazes on curbs) continue to cul de sac; go diagonally between two houses (#200 and #202) to the left of a small wooded area, then follow the chain link fence toward the road. 

11.0 mi - Cross Red Toad Rd (no parking, cars will be towed). Turn right and walk past the communications shed. Turn left and follow the ROW through woods. 

11.4 mi - Turn right on Catalpa Dr, right on Northwoods Blvd and left on Razor Strap Rd. 

11.9 mi - Turn right on Wells Camp Rd and walk to US Rt. 40. Carefully cross the heavily traveled divided highway. 

12.1 mi - Turn left when you reach the other side and walk on the shoulder. 

12.8 mi - Turn right at MD Rt.272 and walk on the shoulder towards North East. (Alternatively you can turn right at Wendy's and walk through the shopping center. Future maps will show a dotted line for this alternative route.) 

13.1 mi - Cross over the Amtrak tracks on the MD Rt. 272 bridge and continue into North East following Main St. 

13.4 mi - Cross Philadelphia Rd (MD Rt. 7), then turn left and cross Main St (MD Rt. 272). Walk along Philadelphia Rd on the sidewalk and after the school, on the shoulder. 

13.9 mi - Turn right onto Cemetery Rd. 


So the M-DT is again open between Perryville and North East, MD. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please Contact Us

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