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Gifford Pinchot State Park Loop

Gifford Pinchot State Park Loop

(about 8.5 miles) 

Highlights: Many good views of the lake. The description is a hike around the lake. Shorter hikes can be made by combining the various trails in the park. Trail description and a map is available on the state park web site. 
Getting there: Go north/west on Rt 74 from York. In Rossville turn right onto Rt 177. Park at Boat Mooring 1 parking lot on the left just before the bridge. 

Directions: (MDTS Map 2 and Pinchot State Park Map) 

Map of the holtwood dam loop hike

Mason-Dixon Trail goes through parking lot. Follow the trail east across the road. Follow blue blazes. The first section of the trail is the Lakeside trail, it then transitions to the Ridge


Trail at the campground road. Continue through the park, following the blue blazes on various park trails until you get to the dam.


Turn left on the road, and follow the blazes across the bridge and then back into the wood. In a small parking lot on the north side of the dam, leave the Mason-Dixon and follow Lakeside trail around the lake. The trail ends up taking you back to the Boat Mooring Park where you started.

Mill Creek Falls at Holtwood
Lock 12 Historic Area
Holtwood Dam
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