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Oakland Run Loop

Oakland Run/Eagle Bypass Loop, PA

(about 3.5 miles) 

Highlights: Susquehanna River, Oakland Run with waterfalls and Rhododendron. 

Getting there: Drive south on Rt 74, turn left onto Rt 372. Just before the Norman Woods Bridge turn left onto McCalls Ferry Rd. Drive down the road until you pass Holtwood Dam. 


You can download this hike to your mobile device for free from Avenza Maps.

Map of the holtwood dam loop hike

Follow blue blazes (Mason-Dixon Trail) on the road upriver. The trail leaves the road to the right when McCalls Ferry Rd turns up hill.Follow the trail up river by various cottages and continue.The trail turns left to follow Oakland Run climbing through rhododendron.Turn left onto the yellow blazed Eagle Bypass Trail.Climb the trail up to the top of the hill and then down to McCalls Ferry Rd.When you get to McCalls Ferry Rd, turn left and proceed down the road to your car. 

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